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Pink jumper.

February 14, 2012

Jumper: H&M

One of my favourite jumpers to throw on which makes me feel put together without making much effort. I also have it in pale pink, plus my sister has it in beige so there's plenty of them around my house haha. Today wasn't very exciting as it was a work day. I treated myself to some green tea with apple and pear, plus another one of the cakes we created. Did a little shop after my shift as I was in need of some new beauty items.

Couldn't resist buying myself the giant strawberry & cream scented candle, it smells so pretty. New face cream and face scrub. Then a beautiful pineapple shower gel. I want to eat it! Hoping it will also make me feel more awake when I have a shower. Though my shampoo and conditioner do a pretty good job of that already as they smell like strawberry sweeties.

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