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May 22, 2012

Hello lovelies! Today I went to a local milkshake bar called 'Shakeaway' with my boyfriend. I don't know how we haven't been there before (or even heard of it) but the place is amazing! So many flavours you wouldn't have even imagined. I'm not actually the biggest milkshake lover due to a bad past experience (projectile vomit, woo) so I opted for something I knew I'd like.

They have a selection of 'pop shakes' which I knew would be like ice cream floats and I love them. I got an Irn Bru one and it tasted so yummy! I also got marshmallows mixed in with the froth on top so it was super sweet and fizzy. My boyfriend decided to get a hot fry's peppermint cream with mini oreos on top and it was also really good.

Next time I think we'll get their fries & shake combo deal. Here's an idea of some of their other flavours - jam doughnut, bubblegum millions, custard creams, and black forest gateau. Plus you can add lots of sweetie toppings. Overall, a really lovely place to go, I'll be going back pretty soon.

This post just wouldn't be complete without you getting to see my fantastic guns...

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