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Some beauty buys and new haircut.

May 05, 2012

Today after my trip to the hairdressers (photos below), I decided to pop into my local Superdrug. I'd just gotten paid so I wasn't feeling too guilty about spending a little bit of money :)

I really, really can't resist anything which smells tropical so when I spotted this bubble bath/shower gel I had to have it. It says the scents are coconut, pineapple and grapefruit, and I'd say upon first sniff it just seems like coconut but then the others become a little stronger. At just over £2 for 500ml it's a delicious bargain. I also wanted to get more of one of my favourite Impulse sprays. This one is called 'Tease' and is a blend of pineapple and wood scents. Then I had another browse of the Revlon lip butters and was happy to see '075 Lollipop' was in stock. I originally wanted to try this one first as I think it has the loveliest colour pay off. It's a very nice blue-toned pink.

Another couple of lip products I purchased. Again, from the "I love..." range at Superdrug. I think they have some amazing things for really cheap prices! I already have this lipbalm in "Strawberries & milkshake" but wanted to try a different one. The Barry M lipgloss was actually part of a set with the Impulse spray, so it doesn't appear to have a colour number/name. It's a beautiful pale pink with sparkles through it, and I think it looks amazing on it's own but would also add a little oomph over the top of any lipstick. Also, it smells soooo good! Can't describe it very well, something like fruity sweets. Lastly, I bought one of my favourite mascaras as I hadn't purchased it for a few years and it was on offer.

So here is my new haircut. Though I've had a fringe on and off over the years, it was that time again. As much as it saddens me to lose some of the length, it badly needed the dead ends to be gone. And hey, there's my new Topshop dress featured in the last post! Wasn't the best idea to wear it on a windy day, embarrassment haha.

4 comments on "Some beauty buys and new haircut."
  1. I love the haircut and your dress! :) also the products have such a cute looking package! I love products like that

    1. thank you! :) haha yes, i think us girls are programmed to love cute packaging!

  2. uh lala. your outfit is wonderful and your hair even more!!
    you're really beautiful.
    love your blog. it's so inspiring and creative!
    maybe you'd like to check out mine? follow me if you like it or
    following each other?

    wish you a nice weekend.

    1. wow thank you! so kind of you to say :) i'll definitely check yours out. wishing you a nice weekend also xx


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