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Vintage florals and new in.

June 09, 2012

Floral jumper - Vintage
Headscarf - River Island
Cupcake candle - B&M
Skull bracelet - River Island
"Lilac Storm" & "Caribean Coral" nail polish - 17 @ Boots
Birdcage candle holder - B&M

Hi pretties. Here are a few bits and pieces I've been collecting lately. I'm a little bit of a homeware freak, so I'm always picking up things like this! I burn candles a lot so I know they'll be very handy. Plus, they both look adorable. The bracelet is perfect as it actually fits my tiny wrists, yay! River Island seem to have a new range of cheaper jewellery which is all completely lovely. Really looking forward to wearing these nail colours too! I know the lilac shade will look great with my Topshop glitter polish.

Do you have any website recommendations for pretty homeware items? I always appreciate new things to lust over!

6 comments on "Vintage florals and new in."
  1. I love your headscarf! So much, in fact, that I think I might get one of my own if I can find it on this side of the pond... :)

    I don't know if you already shop at (US-based but they ship internationally; don't know if it's too expensive if you're in the UK though) but I like their homeware. I recently got these salt and pepper shakers from there and I just love them!:

    1. haha yes you should, i'm sure they have similar ones many places online! :)
      awww i seriously have loved everything on modcloth for so long but the shipping is a bit much :( those are adorable!

  2. hi - i like your blog!
    and your tattoo!!*___*

    do you like to follow me? xx Anouk

    1. hello and thank you! ^_^
      of course! xx

  3. amazing jumper! actually gives me a pang of jealousy haha. the necklace is cute too, nice finds :) x

    1. aww thank you haha! no need to be jealous, i know the charity shops are full of lovely granny jumpers :D x


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