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August 01, 2012

Dress | c/o Lalamagic
Socks | Topshop
Shoes | Zara
Lipstick | Mac Pink Nouveau

Hello dears, what do you think of this magical dress? A few weeks ago I was sent this beauty from the lovely Gracelys at Lalamagic. She very kindly sent me another one along with it, which I will feature in another post. It's such a pretty, floaty thing. I couldn't help but pair it with a pair of frilly ankle socks :) The colour is perfect too!

Have a little browse at their website, I'm sure something will take your fancy.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my last post, I will reply later on as I'm off now to go see Ted at the cinema yay! Have a great night whatever you're doing :)

18 comments on "Lalamagic."
  1. the dress is adorable, you pull it off well! you paired it so well with those socks and shoes too, love it :) xo

  2. Beautiful styling once again Claire! Love the dress so much :)

    Chloe xo

  3. Love everything in this post! The shoes, the socks, the dress, the jewellery, your hair! So beautiful! :) xx

    Http:// xx

  4. You look adorable! Like a doll.

  5. You look SO cute and vintage. I'm loving the styling.
    Ava Tallulah

  6. nice mix and match dear :D

  7. This outfit is so adorable, I love the dress x

  8. That is gorgeous--I'd kill to have a dress like that sent to me, haha. You look great in it and now I can't wait to see the other one!

  9. So so cute! Looks exactly like your kind of dress, and I love the shoes and socks. Hope you liked Ted, I saw it last night in the cinema :) rather funny x

  10. Oh my! The 'black heels and white socks'-combo is just perfect!! :)

  11. Love your whole outfit and your hair and make-up are amazing! I'm following you :)x

  12. your blog is so beautiful, I'm glad I stumbled across it! you look gorgeous, so pretty!

    Aimée xx

    1. thank you, you're very kind! i'm glad you stumbled across it too :) xx

  13. Lovely! All your posts are lovely. <3


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