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Lust list 003.

August 21, 2012

001. I first saw this jacket in store a couple of weeks ago and it's oh so perfect. I've got a thing for jackets with faux fur collars. And faux leather. And black.

002. I've heard lots of positive things about this spot remover. Apparently it's even helpful for those red marks spots leave you with, which sounds very good indeed.

003. I can never resist having a little sniff of this body scrub when I'm in Boots, and I'm in need of a different one so I think this will be it!

004. This foundation sounds lovely from all the reviews I've read about it. Just fancy trying a different one instead of repurchasing Estee Lauder double wear.

005. Oh my god, when I saw this bag I squealed. It's adorable! I'm obsessed with anything which has cute animal drawings/prints. I have so many similar ones saved in my Etsy favourites, but I think this one is the best I've seen.

006. I saw this notebook in a little shop in town, it's very good quality and feels nice to hold. Plus the design is really sweet.

007. This colour looks so beautiful, I'd really love a new pink-toned red nail polish. I want all the colours in Topshop though, it was a hard choice to pick one for this wish list!

Here is my latest lust list for you all. Let me know if you have any experience of/opinions on any of the beauty products, I'd love to hear!

10 comments on "Lust list 003."
  1. I REALLY want to try that Origins spot remover. My skin is so crap. Let us know if you get it!

    Ava Tallulah

    1. aww that sucks :( i'll definitely do a post about it if i purchase!

  2. The animal tote is amazing isn't it! I had already had it saved for my next wishlist post haha. The only thing is, it's missing rabbits! xo

    1. that's so true, i hadn't dare they! :P we have wonderful taste haha xo

  3. great jacket! nice list :-)

    visit me!

  4. I have wanted this jacket since it came out! Literally counting down the days until I get my student loan and it can be mine! haha x

  5. i love the jacket, i have a cheapy new look version, but it's looking a bit scruffy now, that's a much nicer version! i've heard good things about origins stuff for spots too! x

  6. that coat, and that bag. i'm in love.
    actually, you know something, i'd settle for all of it!
    its gorgeous.
    i'm new so i've only just found your blog and i'm so glad; it's lovely.
    oh and you're beautiful too.
    i hope to speak soon, you seem so lovely.
    laura xx

  7. That breakfast scrub smells so good. My mum has it in her bathroom and I go in sometimes just to have a little sniff of it. I actually believe it will taste as good as it smells, I think I need someone to test this out for me. x


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