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Superdrug coconut & sweet almond intensive conditioner.

September 25, 2012

Superdrug coconut & sweet almond intensive conditioner | around £1.89

I thought I'd share one of my favourite conditioners with you all. I'm not 100% sure of the price as I can't find it on the website but I know it's cheap! I personally love Superdrug's own brand products.

This conditioner is for dry or damaged hair, mines hasn't been too damaged lately but it can suffer from dryness. I like to leave this on for a few minutes whilst I'm in the shower. The product itself is quite thick but I just love the luxurious look and feel of it. It looks sort of shimmery (reminds me of nice shells at the beach for some reason haha). It doesn't contain any silicones (I won't bore you with the details of why that's good), has natural coconut oil and almond extract, and helps restore moisture and strength. 

I've been purchasing this product for a couple of years now and although I do like to change up the conditioners I use, I know I will always repurchase this as long as it is available. The smell alone is enough to make me fall in love!

What cheap but lovely hair products do you like?

7 comments on "Superdrug coconut & sweet almond intensive conditioner."
  1. I adore this too! Yeah it's just under £2!


  2. I love all of the Superdrugs own stuff! :) I'll check this out next time I'm there. Bet this stuff smells really yummy!! x

  3. oh this sounds really nice esp for the low price ! x

  4. I love this stuff! Bought a couple a few months back on 2 for £2, and I'll definitely be buying it again! xx

  5. This sounds great, especially as it's so cheap! xo

  6. this looks really good, i've always liked superdrugs own stuff, but i've never seen this before! x


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