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Lust list 006.

October 31, 2012

001. Whilst I was in John Lewis the other week, I was intrigued by the prettiness of this little bottle of perfume. It's such a lovely, light and sweet fragrance, I can't wait to own it!

002. My current shampoo is almost finished and I generally tend to buy sulfate-free ones these days, so I think I'll give this one a try if I don't end up buying a Burt's Bees one.

003. I think this cushion cover would add the perfect little amount of glam to my bed, plus it's pink. Pink always wins.

004. I'm constantly burning candles and tea lights, and I just think this holder is so sweet.

005. I own quite a few glitter nail polishes now but I've yet to buy a gold one. This one is so perfect for the festive season!

006. The colour combination in this top is really pretty, plus it's really cheap in the sale! I think it would look nice tucked into disco pants. 

007. These are so cute! It's already getting quite freezing here and I do need a new pair of gloves but mittens are even nicer.

008. Another perfect autumn/winter choice, the print on this bag is just lovely.

11 comments on "Lust list 006."
  1. Great picks, I definitely want that nail polish!


  2. That candle holder is adorable! x

  3. Oh nooo, I've never heard of home, home, home before and now I'm anticipating a huge spend! Eek.. haha :)
    Everything in this list is gorgeous! xx

  4. I love everything in this list and I have that perfume and it smells gorgeous... xx

    Chloe xo

  5. i was those mittens! they're sweet! x

  6. the satchel is beautiful ! xx

  7. I really didn't know which one I liked more when I looked at this photo. It literally was me going "How cute are those little mittens! OH, A BAG! CANDLE HOLDER WITH BIRDS!" That was literally what I thought inside my mind. Also, whether I should actually write this or not, I don't know, but I actually thought the cushion cover was one of those things you see people in movies with that they put both their hands in to keep them warm in the winter. This was at a very first glance...I think I should go to bed...x

  8. Ahhh Signorina smells so nice! I've wanted it for ages
    Love those gloves :) xx

  9. I want to get my hands on that nail polish! x

  10. The candle holder is so cute, and for £12.95 I don't think it's too pricey either. Really like the gloves, and how the tips of your fingers are out so you could show off the gold sparkly nail varnish you've picked!xxx

  11. Just found your blog and It's perfect! You are so pretty, and It's really nice to meet a British blogger from the north (I'm from Yorkshire)!

    That perfume looks so lovely :) I'll have to find it and have a sniff.


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