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Oh deer.

October 14, 2012

Shirt | Dorothy Perkins
Skirt, shoes & bag | Primark
Ring | Urban Outfitters
Lipstick | Rimmel lasting finish 'heart breaker'

Hello all you lovelies, I'm finally showing off this beautiful deer print shirt I featured in my last new buys post. I love it so much! It's really comfortable to wear and looks perfect tucked into anything high-waisted. This skirt has always been one of my favourites, it goes with so many things and it's such a cute little length. I wore this outfit when I went out for a meal, and felt a darker hue on the lips was appropriate. It's actually a bit more purple in reality, a really nice autumn shade.

The other day I treated myself to another mini shopping spree, so I'll have that post up for you next :)
Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. Oh, I decided to re-activate my twitter so feel free to follow me even though I don't post much of interest!

19 comments on "Oh deer."
  1. The shirt is so cute! I love Dorothy Perkins at the minute. The lipstick also looks so nice on you xx

  2. I love this outfit! And your make-up is gorgeous! xo

  3. You look amazing! I love that shirt :)x

  4. nice outfit, sweetie. you look so beautiful! im glad if you visit my blog too :)


  5. So pretty! That top is adorable.

    I love the red lips! Adds a great little pop.

    Ava Tallulah

  6. Oh how perfect is this outfit. Would love this skirt hanging in my wardrobe! xo

  7. I'm so in love with that shirt. It's gorgeous and goes so well with the skirt. Glad you've reactivated your twitter account! Prepare to have many hours wasted! ;)

    I look forward to seeing all of your shopping spree goodies. x

  8. Love the print on your shirt. So cute! And the skirt goes perfectly xx

  9. your skirt is gorgeous!
    xo, A. Rita

  10. Love this outfit, and the lipstick! It's such a lovely colour :) x

  11. such a pretty shirt ! and your makeup looks flawless ! xx

  12. Love this outfit!
    Your skin is like porcelain, so jealous!!!


  13. What a lovely outfit! I love both the shirt and the skirt ♥

  14. OH MY GOSH, you're so beautiful!
    I'm following you already :)
    xo, Ana Rita

  15. You are so pretty! I envy black hair soo badly.


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