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Pop phone.

October 26, 2012

Hey sweeties! I wanted to introduce you all to one of the coolest phone accessories I've ever seen. This retro plug in phone is now best friends with my Iphone 4. It may seem like it'd be a nuisance but it's honestly so lovely and convenient to use. I hate how hot my phone gets when I've been talking on it for a while, plus I just get tired holding it. The Pop Phone is really light to hold and it also has a simple hang up button on the inside of the grip. 

It's perfect for taking me back to the good old days of the 90s when I kept begging my parents to let me have my own household phone in my bedroom. I've already had so much use out of it, and if you're brave enough you could even take it out with you in your bag.

10 comments on "Pop phone."
  1. This is so awesome! I wanna try one out!

    Ava Tallulah

  2. oh this looks hilarious :) xx

  3. This is such a good idea! So cute haha :) xxx

  4. Yours looks really cool, I have one similar to this but its red. And yeah, you're totally right I hate it when my phone gets really hot on my face, it's annoying.

  5. That's so cute! I've been thinking about getting one for a while.

  6. Haha that is way too cool to be true!! xx

  7. I saw this on YouTube somewhere, it looks awesome! I never actually thought about using it instead of holding your phone, as a lot of the time during the call I end up lying on my bed on top of the phone because it's too much effort x

  8. Ohmygod I love the look of this!
    I always begged my parents for a phone in my room too! :)


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