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Tag | I ♡ fall.

October 30, 2012
I've seen this tag going around Youtube and some blogs, and I think it's a cool one so wanted to join in! Fall (going to refer to it as autumn as I'm in the UK) is one of my favourite times of the year as I love the in between seasons the most. I tag all of you lovelies! Let me know if you post it too, I'd be interested in reading your answers :)

001. Favourite fall lip product?

The product I've loved for the past couple of years is the Models Own blackberry lip tint but I have a feeling it's not available anymore :( It smells so good! Any reds at all really but I love Bourjois Sweet Kiss '56' as I feel it's really moisturising.

002. Favourite fall nail polish?

So many! I love Illamasqua 'unnatural', Barry M 'fuschia', and also I know I'm going to be loving Barry M ' amethyst glitter' even though I only just bought it!

003. Favourite Starbucks fall drink?

I'm actually not a massive Starbucks fan (sorry, loyal to Costa), but I would like to try some of their seasonal drinks this year. Lattes are my favourites.

004. Favourite fall candle?


005. Favourite fall scarf or accessory?

Mittens! They're so cute. And snoods. I get so cold if my neck isn't covered. I'm just one of those annoying people who are always cold.

006. Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?

A maze sounds like my kinda thing but I've never really heard of the last two for Halloween here. I love haunted houses but they're never scary enough. Might take a trip to the Edinburgh dungeons this year as I haven't been for absolutely ages.

007. Favourite Halloween movie?

I love all the actual Halloween movies, Michael Myers is still one of my biggest fears haha (he doesn't run, he just walks to chase people, seriously creepy!) I also love the Scream movies and anything that seems more realistic like The Strangers. Then for fun ones, I love Hocus Pocus and Casper Meets Wendy. Really want to watch the last one now!

008. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?

I can't eat a lot of the jelly type sweets as I'm vegetarian, but I do have a very sweet tooth so anything veggie friendly. Love fizzy/sour sweets. And chocolate of course.

009. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I don't ever really do anything for Halloween :( I'd love to be Catwoman though, wearing latex for an evening would be interesting plus I could just communicate through miaowing.

010. What is your favourite thing about fall?

Ooh, so many things. I watch creepy movies all year round, but I especially love doing it in autumn as it's the Halloween season! I also love lighting candles more often, going for walks through forests, fireworks night, baking anything cinnamon flavoured, bonfires at the beach, eating more heartwarming breakfasts. I could go on forever.

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  1. Yay! I love these tags. I literally just read yours and done mine straight away! I've been meaning to do it for actual weeks, and this was the little push I needed :) x

  2. Love reading this type of post!



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