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Air Wick mulled wine & cinnamon apple candle.

November 15, 2012

I'm sorry if this isn't very interesting to most of you but I got so excited when I saw this candle in the supermarket and just wanted to share it with you! For only £3 you can have this beauty in your room, and let me tell you it smells sooo amazing. Perfect for winter time. Plus the colour changing aspect just hypnotises me.

It's also available in two other scents, purple blackberry fig and golden winter woods. I have the white colour changing one as well which is just as beautiful. I'm a candle freak to be honest so if it smells or looks good, I buy it. This time I'm really glad I did! I want to get a few more so my room will have a lovely colourful and cosy glow all through the winter evenings :)

Below is a song by Daughter, a band I'm obsessed with since seeing them play live in September. I'm completely sucked in by their sounds and her beautiful voice, enjoy.

5 comments on "Air Wick mulled wine & cinnamon apple candle."
  1. I love these candles! I work in Asda and I smell the candles pretty much every morning I'm in work and have to put them out (or just when I'm walking past). I really like the blackberry fig one :) x

    1. it's where i work as well, living the good life haha! don't blame you, they sure are hard to resist :) x

    2. Yay, I love that you work there too :) What department are you on? I like to smell the air freshners too. I remember last year I had to buy one of the Christmassy smelling ones straight away so the house would smell like Christmas :) x

  2. Fin blogg! :)
    Kika gärna in tbx om du har lust

  3. wooow seriously this is amazing!... comes to something when even a candle amazes me ;) xx


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