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Instagram 006.

November 11, 2012

001. Salted caramel latte at Costa - yummy but I think I'm developing more of a taste for actual coffee instead of overly sweet drinks.
002. Topshop parma violet & barry m amethyst glitter.

003. Every day is cosy socks day now.
004. Love these, cute packaging and delicious healthiness.

005. Trying out Superdrug chocolate orange face mask- it's so nice!
006. Got some new fairy lights for my bookcase.

007. Suave Mr Thang.
008. These candles are perfect, I'll have a post up about the light changing one soon!

009. Little caramel macchiato - never tried before and I love it.
010. Bought this studded gold jumper from New Look.

username: xjad0re

Well that's what I've been up to lately, in between unbelievably stressful days at work so I'm sorry I haven't had any time to check out your blogs :( Once I finish tonight I'm going to catch up with you all! Have a lovely Sunday.

6 comments on "Instagram 006. "
  1. Lovely pictures, your cat is adorable! xx

  2. Aww your cat is so cute! And I love your nails, mine never seem to grow these days!Yours are such a perfect shape

    Robyn Mayday

  3. Lovely pics, so christmas-ish :) And omg your cat looks just like mine!

  4. your cat is so cute! i love those fairy lights, they look really cute :)

  5. I have a big craving for Starbucks now. Love the shot of you in your face mask!

  6. Chocolate orange face mask sounds yummy! Ha ha. Your cat looks super cool, too.


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