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October favourites.

November 05, 2012

001. Really haven't stopped wearing this cardigan since I bought it. It's so soft and comfortable - perfect for this season (and for being cosy in the house).

002. I've been after a cheap leopard print cardigan for a long time, but I'm incredibly fussy as they have to fit just right. I did have it in pink a few years ago but I've since given that one to my sister. This one is just what I was looking for!

003. This conditioner has made my hair feel amazing! I definitely recommend it, plus when I bought it all the products in this range were half price.

004. I have quite a few perfumes but this is the one I've been using most over the past month. It's so fruity and yummy, although I don't find the scent lasts too long on me. It isn't expensive though so I don't mind spraying more.

005. Of course I had to include this. I'm in love with the smell and it really does lather up nicely.

006. This glitter polish is so beautiful! I've worn it as an accent nail with lilac & pink so far, and it seems like it would go well with any colour.

007. My sister and I had a little jewellery swap and I scored these. They're my favourite daytime earrings at the moment.

008. This is a lip product I've had for a while but I've recently fallen back in love with it. The idea is that they go on as a cream but dry matte. This is a really pretty shade!

17 comments on "October favourites."
  1. I love the cream puff lip cream!! I have all the shades! I really love the nude colour and the pink one in your photo! It's one of those products that certainly underrated! A while ago I had the bourjois so delicate lip cream and I couldn't find it again. So finding this duplicate at £2.99 you can't really go wrong!

    Aimée x

  2. I think I actually love every single thing in your favourites. Snow Fairy, obviously, I have to stock up so I have a year round supply. I love the two cardigans so much, I want to be wearing the black one right now. I really want to try the Katy Perry perfume! Every time I go to have a sniff the display bottle is always empty, so annoying!x

  3. I love that nail polish! xx

  4. i had exactly the same feeling i really wanted a leopard print cardi and i got this exact one! <3 h&m! i love the look of that glitter nail polish too!

  5. really liking the earrings ! and need to get my hands on this conditioner it looks amazing ! xx

  6. Lovely favourites, I think I need to dig the cream puff out as I haven't used mine in ages either :(


  7. I need to stock up on Snow Fairy before the holiday season is over!

  8. Love these photos! I really want to try Snow Fairy - I've heard so many good things about it :) Love the furry black cardi and Barry M glitter polish!

  9. i really want to try the dove conditioner, i love all of their products that i've tried so far, love the leopard print cardigan! x

  10. Lovely favourites! I really wana try Barry M. that polish looks gorgeous :) xx

  11. Love everything about this post! You have great taste Claire, so similar to my own. And such a great idea for a post too, might just become a new feature on my blog!


  12. I love the Collection Cream Puffs, they're one of my favourite lip products. :) I've had the Snow Fairy lipbalm, but I may have to go and give the shower gel a look! xo

  13. Oooh we have the same cardigan :) I love it too!
    I love the leopard print cardi too actually xo

    1. Oh wow thanks so much for having me in your lovely blogs bit! xo

  14. OMG! I have finally found someone else who has Katy Perry's purr. I just love it!


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