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Cosy friday.

December 01, 2012

Yesterday I spent the evening enjoying the glow of my white fairy lights and reading my book. I was previously trying to read Lolita but seriously couldn't get into the style of writing at all. Instead I just picked another random book from my bookshelf. I love American Psycho so decided to go for another one by Bret Easton Ellis. It's not the most exciting so far but I'm told it picks up and either way, it's a quick read.

Earlier in the day I received the little parcel from Topshop. I purchased these leopard print trainers as I don't have any proper shoes for the gym and thought they looked cool! 

Lastly, I've included a photo I found. Oh my goodness, this is me when I was 17 with my boyfriend and sister. It's crazy how fast time has went and I swear he looks so different now whereas I feel I look pretty much the same.

Tonight I am looking after my little cousin and ordering pizza hut, yum.
Happy December!

10 comments on "Cosy friday."
  1. The trainers are so cool! x

  2. Love your fairy lights, they're so pretty! :) xx

  3. That sounds like an ideal Friday :)


  4. Replies
    1. haha i know, really can't resist anything leopard print! :) xxx

  5. Enjoy your Pizza Hut! How cute is the Topshop packaging? :D Your trainers are lovely too! x

    1. thank you, i sure did :D ahh i know, always feel a little bad tearing it open, damn it's cuteness! x

  6. i enjoyed reading ur blog...its awesome!! followed u on gfc..

    Hope u can follow me back..


  7. nice trainers! i love looking at old photographs. you DO look the same, just a bit younger.


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