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Empties 001.

December 17, 2012

I've been saving up for my first one of these posts for a little while. I just don't seem to use up things as quickly as a lot of you, you're speedy things! Anyway, I like to store my empties in a Glossybox as it keeps everything out of the way.

001. Batiste dry shampoo in 'blush' - This is one of their best, and it was definitely my favourite but lately I've been using the 'cherry' one instead and love it a little bit more. Couldn't recommend enough though, I know we all have those lazy hair days where it could use a boost!

002. Boots cucumber eye make-up remover gel - I've featured this in a post here before, and I already have another bottle. It's a great product to use if you can't be bothered going for your full on cleansing routine.

003. Superdrug coconut & sweet almond conditioner - Again, I've mentioned this before. It's one of the loveliest conditioners, smells amazing and lasts a decent amount of time for the price.

004. Maxfactor lasting performance foundation in '100 fair' - I've only tried this foundation in this shade (the palest one) and whilst it is a little pink toned for my liking, the product itself is really good. It gives great coverage and lasts well on my skin.

005. Bourjois volume clubbing mascara - I'm forever repurchasing this mascara, it's perfect for creating thick lashes.

006. Rimmel stay matte powder in 'transparent' - The best cheap drugstore powder, I initially bought this as my Mac and Maybelline powders ran out, and discovered this little gem.

007. Glade 'winter berries' candle - I'm obsessed with candles, especially during the winter. This one smells delicious and looks really pretty. 

008. Superdrug chocolate orange self-heating face mask - I loved this product! The heat doesn't last long but it smells so good and made my skin very soft as well as a bit clearer. I got two uses out of the packet. 

9 comments on "Empties 001."
  1. I agree that other people seem to go through their products so fast. It would take me so long to be able to do one of these posts if I started saving them up. I love the Batiste dry shampoo, I don't know how people survive without it because I have to buy a new one as soon as I see mine starting to run out x

  2. thats one of the mascaras I use I love it :-) xxx

  3. Yummm, that mask sounds so good, but I think I'd be tempted to eat it, haha.
    I haven't actually tried any of these products, but I do love the Batiste dry shampoo in Wild (just haven't tried this particular one). Keep meaning to get the cherry one though, as it sounds really nice.
    Mel x

  4. Lovely post, I really love Glade's Christmas candles :) xx

  5. I adore that Superdrug Conditioner!


  6. It always takes me aaaaages to get through products, I hardly ever have empties! Some of these products sound really good, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them! :)
    Eleanor x

  7. It takes me ages to get through products too, I always seem to just have makeup wipe packets and deodorant tubes to contribute to my empties! Haha. I used to swear by the Bourjois Clubbing mascara, seeing you feature it here makes me want it again! xo

  8. i normally always shop in boots but i have been hearing so many positive things about Superdrug's own products. Think i will need to go for a bit of a haul and that conditioner is on my list !


  9. i used to use the foundation, but i stopped and i can't remember why...might have to give the mascara a try! x


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