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I bought a unicorn.

December 14, 2012

Thought I'd introduce you to my new sparkly unicorn friend. I adopted him/her (haven't decided) from a charity shop.

Where my advent calendar lives, I'm excited that the chocolates get bigger towards the end!

Some more pretty tinsel.

Monkey protecting my boyfriend as he sleeps.

I'm sorry I haven't had any outfit posts up for a while, to be honest any time I get the chance lately the lighting is tragic. Hopefully have one up in the next few days!

This evening I'm off to the German christmas market in town, have a great Friday whatever you're doing :)

8 comments on "I bought a unicorn."
  1. The unicorn is so adorable! x

  2. So cute :) I love your decorations, I need to decorate my room still. Enjoy the market! x

  3. He/she matches your hat so perfectly! :p I love how festive your room looks with all of the tinsel.


  4. It's always a joy to read your posts. Of course I adore your unicorn! It's so beautiful! Your room is wonderful and Christmasy too :)x

  5. Oh you're so cute! Have you named him/her? Haha. The top of your drawers is super pretty. xo

  6. Those nail polishes look great :)


  7. How cute! I love that little table :) xo


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