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Instagram 007.

December 03, 2012

001. Finally cold enough for my faux fur coat.
002. How close my cat sits whenever I'm eating cereal.

003. Cute little candles which smell delicious.
004. Healthy snack time, haven't had kiwi in so long, mmm.

005. £1 chocolate beast from Lidl.
006. When I was first trying on this outfit.

007. Pink pink pink.
008. Went to a car boot sale & got these dvds, then had a visit to Boots.

009. Made some egg fried rice.
010. What my boyfriend did to my cat beanie ball, haha such a little shame.

011. My handsome chap.
012. New trainers from Topshop.

username: xjad0re

11 comments on "Instagram 007."
  1. You really look so good with your red lipstick! ;) And the trainers looks so cool, got a new pair of animal print from vans, reminds me of it. I really miss reading your blog! xx Ciao for now!



  2. you look awesome! love soap and glory products too :-)

  3. Your cat is SO handsome. Is that weird called a cat handsome? Sorry haha xo

  4. What is it with cats and sitting in such close proximity when you're eating - cheeky buggers! Whenever I go to Ikea with my brother he shoves teddies into jars because he thinks it's hilarious... must be a guy thing! xo

  5. You really rock the animal print! Love the fur coat. x

  6. Aw! Your instagrams are so fun. Your cat is too cute!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. your cat is so cute! jealous of the yankee candles too! x

  8. Awww, what a cute kitty! I wish I had a cat :( The faux fur coat is so cute and looks very warm and snuggly. I still need to see Lust, Caution!

  9. Lovely photos! When I used to have a cat he'd be like that when I ate cereal too!!

    I found your blog through Emsipop, maybe if you like mine you'll follow me back?


  10. I have both of these DVDs :) I still haven't watched Lust Caution though so I can't say whether it's good or not. Ha, I have such a similar photograph of my cat sitting that close to me whilst eating a bowl of cereal and on my laptop. He likes to sit as close as possible!x


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