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25 random facts about me.

February 10, 2013
I've been seeing these posts (with various number options) going around blogs and Youtube and as I enjoy reading them I thought I'd put one together. Hope it's even the tiniest bit interesting! :)

001. I'm vegetarian and have been for about 6 years.

002. I currently have 3 tattoos - my dreamcatcher, j'adore written at the top of my back and three paw prints on my hip.

003. I have emetophobia (fear of vomiting) which means I can't even bear to help out anyone close to me if they're being sick.

004. I was studying psychology at university but dropped out during second year as it wasn't for me.

005. I'm obsessed with noodles and rice.

006. My cat actually belonged to one of my neighbours many years ago but found love with me and has lived here ever since (don't worry, I've spoken to the woman about it and she was fine haha).

007. I have a love affair with New York, Sweden and France - would love to visit all three.

008. My boyfriend and I have been together (minus a couple of breaks) for 7 years.

009. A creep once tried to break into my bedroom with a screwdriver - the noise down the glass luckily woke me up.

010. I love playing the Nintendo 64 - Super Mario 64 is my favourite game, I could play it for hours!

011. I hate the feeling of ice lolly sticks against my tongue or teeth, makes me shudder just to think about it.

012. I'm an old fashioned romantic at heart.

013. I know how to drive but I'm scared to do the actual test.

014.  The idea of being pregnant terrifies me but I'd maybe adopt in the future.

015. I can't stand people without any manners.

016. My favourite meal to eat is breakfast (a veggie fry up) night time.

017. I hardly ever go to bed before 4am.

018. I absolutely love the adrenalin I get when cycling at top speed down really long, steep hills. Even if it kills my legs getting to the top, it's worth it for the ride down.

019. My best friends are boys. I do wish this wasn't the case but I find it difficult to make friends as I feel too awkward.

020. I guess my overly crude sense of humour probably doesn't help, haha. Everything can sound rude in my mind.

021. I'm an eBay addict.

022. I have recurring nightmares about escalators and lifts (they end up going really fast and/or into the sky).

023. I don't like hot chocolate.

024. My natural hair colour is a very light mousy brown.

025. I can't walk in heels very well at all, I think I was born without that gene unfortunately.

Well, there we have it. I'm really not all that interesting but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless. Please link me to your random facts if you have done one of these posts :)

7 comments on "25 random facts about me."
  1. What a lovely post. In many facts I recognize myself!

  2. Haha I can really relate to 20! You seem like such a lovely girl xo

  3. I loved these facts about you, very interesting to find out a bit more about you and your personality.


  4. I think these are a really good variety of facts and definitely interesting. How freaky some creep tried to break into your room!
    I too was born without the gene which allows you to walk in heels with grace and elegance. xx

  5. It was so weird to read this as I wrote one not long ago also and we seem so similar!
    Also I love your outfit in the first photo, the leopard print with the velvet is such a unique choice and it works really well.
    And where did you get your leopard bike seat? It's amazing! I want a bike so badly to get around on and try to have a more healthy lifestyle haha :)


    1. ahh that's pretty creepy but good creepy! i had a look at yours and i agree we are very similar :D the bike seat was actually made my my boyfriend from an old handbag haha! i got to choose all the colours and stuff then he put it all together for me. i hope you get yourself a pretty bike in time for spring/summer, the perfect time to start being healthier :) xx

  6. Pretty much everything in this is the same as me I dropped out of uni doing Philosophy because it wasn't right for me and most of my mates are guys. I also have a really crude sense of humor :)


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