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Although I know I feel at home whenever you are near.

February 16, 2013
I'm sorry it's been quiet on my blog lately. Recently my family has had some bad news so we're just taking one day at a time and I haven't much felt like posting. Here is a selection of photos from recent times though, as always, very food orientated haha.

Back into making my favourite smoothies - raspberry and banana.

Bought this adorable votive holder for my little Yankees.

Was treated to some yummy salted popcorn from my Graze box.

Tidied up the dvd section of my bookcase.

Been addicted to tomato and basil soup, the best.

Took a late afternoon trip out to another beautiful area of Scotland.

Been making the effort to eat something other than cornflakes for breakfast (note the kitty shadow, he's always watching).

6 comments on "Although I know I feel at home whenever you are near."
  1. I hope everything will turn out for the good for you and your family.

    My cat is always watching, too :P


  2. Sorry to hear about your bad news. Hope everything gets better soon.
    That soup looks so yummy! xo

  3. I'm sorry you've had some bad news lovely, hope everything is okay soon! Great photos xxx

  4. Lovely photos. I hope everything gets better for you soon.

  5. You have so many dvds! I thought I had a big collection but wow.. you inspired me to have a movie night though. Hope you keep posting more on your blog!

  6. Gorgeous photos! I'm so jealous of all those DVDs. I hope you and your family will get better soon:)x


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