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April 14, 2013

Took a trip to Ikea as my wish list for there was getting pretty long. Couldn't resist a visit to their cafe (can anyone?) for some chips, cake and tea. We also had veggie hotdogs after, oops.

Already loving my new bowl, it inspires me to have healthier breakfasts for some reason. Treated myself to this Hummingbird Bakery book and everything inside looks just wonderful.

Won't lie, I ate this in one sitting. It's kind of impossible not to, mmm. I tried out my first recipe from Hummingbird and made cornflake cookies. Our oven makes cooking uneven so things are never perfect but the flavour was so good.

Been enjoying many of these smoothies - raspberry, banana & blueberry. Have also made the switch to soya milk/yoghurt. Had a late night craving for a veggie burger so my boyfriend and I ordered this for our evening of Breaking Bad.

Went through to Glasgow on Friday with my sister. We shopped for so long, nearly collapsed, rewarded ourselves with Pizza Hut. I'm in love with this Lush conditioner already.

Bought a few things in boots, the Barry M colours are amazing. Wearing Greenberry which just so happens to match my lovely new deer cushion.

Baked some chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting, pretty happy with the swirls and they taste so good.

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12 comments on "Instagram 011."
  1. gorgeous photos! I love that lilac nail polish you're wearing! Which shade/brand is it?

    Hannah xx

  2. Glad you love Retread! It's lovely. I love your new bowl, so cute xo

  3. That smoothie must be delicious! Pizza Hut, burgers and lovely breakfast are just what dreams are made of. You're into Lush products too? I love their soaps.

  4. Love your ikea buys (those plates omg!) and your cupcakes looks amazing :D

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  5. This post makes me want to take a trip to Ikea. Haven't been for about a year :( I love the pastel plates and floral lamp shade you bought - and the deer cushion is so cute. x

  6. I love your instagram photos,and your blog!

  7. Your cupcakes look beautiful and I like the look of the cornflake cookies!!


  8. I love Ikea food, especially the cakes! Your new nail polish is so pretty :)

  9. i can never resist ikea food either! yummy! greenberry, wow, such an amazing colour! x

  10. That colour nailpolish is so pretty! The cupcakes look so cute and delicious.


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