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New in | Primark and H&M.

May 26, 2013
I'm sorry I haven't been posting any outfits lately, but that doesn't mean I've not been shopping. I made some extra money on eBay as well so didn't feel too guilty about spending. Here are some of my most recent buys...


Probably most excited about owning the donut print pyjama bottoms, how sad haha. It was hard not to buy the disco shorts in every colour as they fit so nicely and were only £12 each. Wasn't expecting too much from the candle but it smells amazing and does fill the room. I thought the skirt would look really pretty with a slogan tee or a cute crop top in the summer (oh sorry, the never ending winter).


This top actually does go well with the acid wash skirt above, love a bit of white and pale blue together. Had to buy this scary looking cat print dress as it was only £12.99 and features cut out detail on the back, looks good with a faux leather jacket.

So that's all from lately, as most of my cash has went towards things for my rats. Payday isn't too far off though, I feel a little online spree coming on. Oh, I did buy the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation but it just doesn't work for me at all so will have to sell it. Such a shame.

Have a great day!
12 comments on "New in | Primark and H&M."
  1. I have to go to Primark ASAP!
    And try the disco shorts and pants if I find them :)

  2. I bloomin' want those doughnut pants! Primark have such good pjs in at the moment. xo

  3. I need those disco shorts!

  4. Those disco shorts are amazing!

  5. I've seen those disco shorts in Primark a few times - I'm dying to see them on someone, they looks amazing, especially the pink ones! Love the donuts PJ's too haha!


  6. I'm loving the disco shorts and the donut print! :) x

  7. I love buying new pjs haha there's something so satisfying about buying comfy clothes! xx

  8. Love the cat print dress and the tie dye skater skirt x

  9. ah completely adore those donut pj's!!!

  10. Loveee these items! especially the disco shorts! :)


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