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June 16, 2013

As featured in my vlog, I went to Frisky with my sister and got a mango frozen yoghurt with strawberries, mango juice balls & oreos. My cheap food haul which lasted a day.

I haven't felt like reading in a while but I'm getting back into this book which I started a few months ago. One of my boys likes to pretend he is a parrot.

Sensible drinks and yummy food at the City Cafe before the Bombay Bicycle Club gig. I recommend going there if you live in/visit Edinburgh, has a nice vibe and decent menu.

My sister and I queued at the end to get our photo taken with Jack Steadman, ahh he's such a cutie! Went out with friends the next night to my favourite dancing spot, the Wee Red Bar.

My other boy chillin' like a villain in their new tattoo print cube. They like to pretend they're innocent when really the inside is getting ripped to shreds already, sigh. Got myself an Ikea donut (after veggie hot dog and fries of course). Walked our food babies round the store afterwards.

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8 comments on "Instagram 013."
  1. I love your instagram posts! Photos are always so beautiful :)x

  2. Nice photos, looks like you've been out and about a lot.

    Love Bombay Bicycle Club!


    1. haha yeah for once i actually had a life :P glad you're a fan of them too! x

  3. love the dream catcher! xx

  4. I love your rats! They're so so cute! xo

    1. thanks jaz, happy you agree! xo


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