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Cycle to Cramond.

August 03, 2013

Hey sweeties! The other day my sister and I were bored so decided to go for a cycle all the way to Cramond. The weather fairy was looking down on us it would seem, as it started pouring as soon as we got home.

I love this area, it's so cute and pretty. I've even camped out here before, though not on the island (swept out into sea anyone?). We saw so many dogs on our journey as well, and decided to give some of them voiceovers, as you do. Sorry the picture of me isn't focused properly, my sister is still learning with my camera.

Yesterday I went for afternoon tea which was lovely. I can still feel all the sugar running through my veins. Managed to drink about 8 cups of tea as well, some kind of record for me. Mmm, tea. Hope you're all having a nice start to the weekend.

7 comments on "Cycle to Cramond."
  1. Your bike is adorable! Cramond looks lovely as well, especially in the second picture.

    Afternoon tea is the best, haha.

  2. amazing bike <3

    greetings from Poland;)

  3. These photos are absolutely adorable, I love the bike! :) xxx

  4. love your bike! these photos are absolutely lovely (especially the white houses!) and it sounds like a great day! lucky about the weather! x

  5. This area looks lovely :) you and your sister look so alike! xx

  6. Lovely photos and what a fabulous bike!



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