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And yet suddenly we're all alone.

September 03, 2013

Cupcake obsessed once again. Say this every time but think this was my favourite ever buttercream that I've made.

Went for a drive miles away to buy a big bag of sweets (and ice cream).

A couple of rat photos because they are my babies and they love scrambled egg as much as I do (that's a lot by the way).

As usual, spending far too much of my life in my favourite corner.

11 comments on "And yet suddenly we're all alone."
  1. Beautiful photos , I'd loveeeee to have a pet rat they're sooooo damn cute!!!! Xx

  2. those cupcakes look delicious, so sweet :)

  3. I love this little photo diary style post :) that buttercream does look pretty amazing - it's weird how it can go so wrong/right at times! I love your little bedroom corner, so pretty and homely xx

  4. Cupcakes <3 Your bedroom looks so cozy! Beautiful pictures.

  5. Lovely photos. Your rats are so cute.

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. Your posts are candy for my eyes! I adore your room, it's gorgeous :)x

  7. Your photos are always so gorgeous!! xxx

  8. such beautiful photos! your corner is amazing, I love the decoration! also, cupcakes are always amazing!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming


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