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November 03, 2013

Ridiculously sweet drink from Starbucks. I'm sorry I just don't love you enough, Costa is my man. Changing the bedsheets ft. this wee cutie.

Lunch at Dobbies. Finally got the ring holder I've wanted for so long & bought this pretty dress.

Sorted through all my lipsticks as I was making a NYX order and couldn't decide which colours I needed (clearly none). Bought a new bottle of my favourite perfume, mmm sweeties.

Miaowing around in the pub after going on a ghost bus tour. Ready for a party the next night as Katy Perry, I want to wear this wig forever.

Instagram: xjad0re

Hope you all had a fun Halloween weekend, I'm only disappointed in myself for not watching enough scary movies (even though I watch them all the time anyway but that's not the point haha). What are your favourite horror movies? Would love some new recommendations xo
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  1. Mmm Snapple!! I forgot to pick some up when we were near a Cadbury store yesterday, I only realised on the way home, oops! That ring holder is pretty awesome :) you look so cute as a cat!! The purple wig really suits you too, I vote you wear it once a week for ever after haha :) I'm not really a horror fan anymore, I stuck with Tim Burton! xxx

    1. So yummy right?! I keep all the bottles for some reason, just think they look pretty and tell myself I'll use them for flowers or something one day.... Haha thank you! I might just do that :) Oh I know horror movies aren't for everyone, sounds like a good time watching Tim Burton anyways ^_^ xxx

  2. Oh trust me, you are much prettier than Katy Perry - she looks cheap and you don't period. Ahah!
    That lunch looks healthy yet substantial :D And I've just fell in love with Costa awwwwww I guess I sort of identify with these little animals, they way they stuff food into their mouths or something...
    By the way, thanks for your comment. I totally recommend you to start watching OITNB^^

  3. That wig really suits you! Lovely photos, looks like fun.


  4. I love Katy Perry costume! You look amazing with purple hair :)x


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