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January 06, 2014

Bedroom is beginning to look so cosy with my sofa bed & fairy lights. At the Christmas market with my sister.

Was a nutter with a putter, so much fun! My sweet £1.80 bargain from Asda.

My sister and I on christmas day. New shoes from Miss Selfridge and bag from Primark.

New favourite outfit - all H&M. Gossip Girl and pizza night (yes I love pineapple).

Turkish delight in a bottle. Pink to make the boys wink (jacket from River Island).

Bongo Club looking all pretty just before midnight at New Year. Bedtime cutie.

Omg omg omg, best candle. My house still smells of it the next day. So ecstatic to be turning 24 tomorrow (!)

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5 comments on "Instagram 020."
  1. Lovely pics! I love pineapple on my pizza too :)


  2. The coat is lovely! I'm so jealous :P Also pineapple is the best for pizza!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow, you share a birthday with my grandma :)

  3. What a beautiful coat! It's very princess-y (in the best possible way).

    I tried to find the Fantasy set in ASDA, but no luck - I had to make do with a little candy cane bath set instead ;)


  4. Lovely pictures, I can't believe you manged to get a Fantasy set for £1.80!

    Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful day!



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