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Mickey Mouse Club.

March 19, 2014

Top | Primark
Jeggings | River Island
Bag & shoes | Primark

Firstly, let's ignore mama's hips & butt in the first photo. Secondly, let's ignore that I just called myself mama. 

Yes, I feel about 10 years old in this outfit but I just love it's adorableness. Having wanted shoes like this for so long (they were my favourite part of primary school uniform) I was so happy to see a cheap pair in Primark. I've had them for a while but have only just started wearing them recently, and let me tell you, not a good idea without socks or tights...ouch! I'm sure they'll get better but for now my heels hate me. Also, already eyeing up a similar (and hopefully comfier) white pair on Asos which I think I may go for....child 4 lyfe.

Hope everyone's having a nice week so far xo

9 comments on "Mickey Mouse Club."
  1. I really love your top and bag! xxx

  2. I've been working on a zine where I have multiple outfits featuring everyones favorite disney characters. Would love to feature you in it if you'd be willing to let me. ♥ Love love love the outfit, you pulled it off perfectly.

  3. Haha, definitely child 4 lyf, i've become so obsessed with the cute little kid shoes, and am definitely gonna have a look around Primark for some (when I can get to one!) I've literally been stalking Topshop and Asos for a pair, it's becoming sad.
    Also your bag is so pretty too! I love the colour :)

  4. i love the top i wouldn't have guessed it was from Primark! i do love mickey mouse tops though and it goes so well with everything else you're wearing :)

  5. love your shoes and bag!! tempted to get them for myself now :P xx

  6. You look super cute here! ♥ Disney clothes are one of my favs, they add a simple and cute touch to every outfit. Plus, all disney merch is gorgeous *and i want to buy it all!* Love blog, Claire!
    Lottie x
    Hi, Lotts!

  7. I bought the mint green pair which are similar on ASOS :D Can't wait for them to arrive Gisforgingers xx

  8. I was going to say your butt looks amazing in these photos! (What a weird comment - I swear I'm not a creep!) This is such a cute outfit - I love the red in the Mickey Mouse top with your red lipstick, and I need a pair of shoes like that in my life!



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