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We were born with sun in our teeth & in our hair.

March 29, 2014

Cardigan | Vintage
Dress & necklace | H&M
Shoes | Daisy Street

This is one of my favourite cardigans ever, I got it a few years ago from a charity shop and I just love the colour. I don't actually think I own anything else which is a mustard shade. It does look a bit autumnal paired with this dress but I really like it for spring too! I did say in one of my videos that this is one of the comfiest dresses ever to wear, and I still stand by that statement. It's so soft and floaty. I've mostly been wearing it with my Vans as well for an even more casual look.

It's just over a week now until I visit London for a few days with my dad and sister, so if you have any recommendations of areas/shops/food places then throw them at me! I have a list of ideas but would always appreciate your input xo

8 comments on "We were born with sun in our teeth & in our hair."
  1. Great outfit! The cardigan is so pretty, the colour is lovely! :)

  2. I love mustard, especially when it goes with black hair, one of my favourite combinations ever and you look really nice too, I like the dress as well :)

  3. The colour of that dress is absolutely gorgeous and looks perfect with the floral dress! <3

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  4. I really love the outfit x The cardigan is a lovely mustard colour

  5. Oooh I love this dress and mustard is a really nice colour- I should wear more of it! Gisforgingers xx

  6. Beautiful dress! Love the colours!
    And I have total hair envy right now, your hair looks so pretty! Loving the music choice btw ;)
    Have fun in London! I've been wanting to go back to London for ages now, but haven't had the money! So i'm very jealous!

  7. The cardigan <3
    You're so pretty by the way :) !

  8. Cute outfit!! :)


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