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London // Part Two.

June 08, 2014

On our second full day in London, we decided to do the touristy things and go on the tour bus and London Eye (cue 1000000 sightseeing photos...). We'd checked the weather the night before and it really was a beautiful, perfect day for it. I'll warn you now, I was a little obsessed with the buildings. Plus this'll save you money on the actual tour as I took so many photos ;)

We were staying just around the corner from the British Museum so that was the first thing we passed.

I love how all the little stores and pubs look here.

There seemed to be quite a fair amount of retro style diners/food places around.

Definitely could've afforded to pop in here for a drink or two...

We got off the tour bus just outside Hyde Park and took a walk through, it was so pretty and makes the parks in Edinburgh look tiny.

We came out the other side of the park and arrived at the Marble Arch. We walked around this area for a spot of food and then hopped back on the bus.

We went past the forever busy Trafalgar Square, I love the fountain and the cool lion statues which are dotted about!

I thought this heads statue was unique! Though I'm not sure what it is or what it means...

Then we crossed the London bridge and eventually made it to the London Eye (our tour bus had to take a detour which lasted forever...not that I'm complaining). I'm saving those photos for my last London post. I feel bad that it's two months after my trip and I'm still putting the photos up on here but hopefully you guys don't mind! And I also hope you haven't fallen asleep after all these photos, have a nice Sunday xo
7 comments on "London // Part Two."
  1. These are such lovely photos, Claire. They make me really want to go back to London! It's a wonderful city with such a 'buzz' around it that is so unique - I've never been anywhere else quite like London. I love that you've captured so many sides to and features of London - from the touristy souvenir shops to the beautiful old architecture (don't worry, I'm a bit of a buildings obsessive too, so I loved those photos!).


  2. Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to go to London but no one will go with me!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. I love the architecture in London, it's just so beautiful. I was hoping to go down to visit this year but I'm not going to get the chance, all these photos almost make up for it xo

  4. Gorgeous photos, London is such a pretty city!


  5. Those shots are amazing~

  6. Ahh I loved seeing all of these photos :) London is somewhere I went to with my dad too, sitting on the edge of a fountain in Trafalgar Square eating lunch and feeding the pigeons (that was my dad, mischievous as ever after hearing 'don't feed the pigeons'!). I love London, there's something so charming about it. I can't wait for the last instalment :) xxx

  7. So much beauty!


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