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Lust list 013.

June 26, 2014

Button-cuff angel dress in floral print The Whitepepper // Escada Born in Paradise EDT Escentual // Mini Aphrodite mood ring Cheap Frills // Sun & woodland print mug H&M // Sleeping Beauty dvd Amazon

Yet again it's been light years since I've done one of these posts! I'm still forever compiling little wish lists here and these so I finally thought I'd put some of it together.

I first saw this pink floral smock dress on Topshop but it was sold out, so I was happy to find it on the actual Whitepepper website...though at £55 it's definitely just a dream at the moment *poor times*. I was trying to think what perfume I'd fallen in love with during a Boots trip with my sister, and I know I'd finally given Marc Jacobs Honey a smell (delicious btw), but then I remembered this Escada perfume - it's definitely summer in a bottle! I've always wanted to treat myself to a cute mood ring, and these little ones are just perfect.

Okay I definitely don't need any more mugs but how pretty and interesting is the print on this H&M one?! And it's so cheap as well, hopefully my local one will have it in their home ware section. Finally, one of my favourite Disney movies, I want to experience the three fairies trying to bake the cake and watch the prince hack his way through the forest all over again!

What have you been lusting after lately? xo
3 comments on "Lust list 013."
  1. This dress is too cute. Pink is one of my favourite colours :)
    I have been lusting after a pair of silver brogues lately, still on the hunt ..

  2. This is such a cute wishlist :) The mood ring is SO pretty! I don't remember mood rings being that pretty in the nineties ;) And you can't go wrong with Sleeping Beauty - such a wonderful Disney film!


  3. That dress is absolutely stunning!
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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