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Video | What I'm Taking On Holiday.

June 28, 2014

I'm going away to Majorca for a week, the flight is at 7am tomorrow morning...eek! Here is a little video of the things I'm popping in my suitcase (as well as serving as a mini haul). Hope you all enjoy and I will be back to posting next week :)

5 comments on "Video | What I'm Taking On Holiday."
  1. Love this video, so helpful!!
    The shorts from Forever 21 are amazingly cute!
    Hope you have an amazing holiday and a good flight!!:)

  2. I'm going to mallorca to in about a months time. This video makes me even more excited for it :) definitely think crop tops are the way to go, it's going to be 30+ degrees over there. Have a lovely holiday ( and the plane will be fine) x

  3. That unicorn top is SO cute - I loved the outfit you shared on Instagram of that paired with the polka dot skirt. I hope you have an amazing time in Majorca - I'm so jealous!


  4. Hope you had a good time (by my very basic calculations, you should be back now), as have got a great tan! xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  5. Hi Claire,
    Just stumbled upon your blog through your profile page at Le Guide Noir.
    I´m already a fan! I´m going on vacation next week as well so this video was really helpful. Love the forever 21 shorts!
    Hope you have an amazing vacation!


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