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Choies lust list.

August 16, 2014

Hi lovelies! Is it just me who hadn't really heard of the brand Choies before? Okay probably. Don't even get me started on how you pronounce it haha. One quick glance though and I was obsessed with sooo many things! I thought I'd compile a little wish list of some of my favourite pieces (believe me, it took a while to choose) because personally I LOVE looking at these types of posts. Hopefully you'll find something you like too :)

I don't think I need to explain the pink polkadot top, it's everything I love! Think it would look amazing with some high waisted trousers or jeans. The sunglasses have such pretty colours on the lens, I don't actually own any like this. This Breaking Bad tee is amazing, I'll let you have a peek at the website to see how cool the back is...I want! They also have it in black. A lilac backpack would be extremely welcome in my life, I don't think I have a backpack anymore...well definitely not one as lovely as this. They have so many cute ones to choose from though! The black strappy top is quite unique in my eyes, yet so simple. I think for a night out with a cute skirt (maybe even the floral one featured) it would look sexayyy.

Do you like any of the items I've chosen? Or any different Choies recommendations? xo
2 comments on "Choies lust list."
  1. Breaking bad BITCH! Crop top is amazing and Heisenberg rules!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know!

  2. Kind of need that back pack in my life. And that crop top is the definition of cuteness!


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