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Baby came home.

September 25, 2014

Jumper, skirt & necklace | H&M
Shoes | Primark

First off, my hair isn't as crazy red as it looks here. But the damn skylight made everything brighter and when I tried to edit it I just made my skin look even paler haha. Anyway, I've mostly been throwing on comfortable outfits lately as I've been busy working more so when I have left the house I've not been putting much thought into my choices. Though I did know I'd be obsessed with this super pale pink jumper. These shoes also probably don't even go with the skirt but oh well ^_^

I'm enjoying having red hair as it means I can go through all my clothes with a fresh approach and decide which things I still want to keep. Saving that proper browse for a rainy day though I guess. Think I'm just gonna end up wearing more black because it creates such a nice contrast and who doesn't love black everything?

Today I've had a driving lesson and now I'm off to walk a cutie pie dog. It feels so good to be back driving and also to be right back at the level I was at 2 years ago after only 4 lessons! I still have to redo my theory test (major booo) but then I'll soon be able to get my actual test done which puts the absolute fear into me.

What have you done/are you doing with your day? xo

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  1. Your hair looks so lovely and vibrant in these photos! Your outfit is the cutest too, adore the subtle print clash of the skirt and shoes <3 I've just been at uni the whole day, pretty boring ^_^


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