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New in | Ikea.

September 06, 2015

I visited Ikea about a week ago (biggest drive I've done so far as well and I didn't get lost, yass). I mostly went to get a new bedding set and managed to spot the sweet one above. I'm hoping that once it's on my bed it doesn't look too "grannyish" haha. Also on my mind were the cute milkshake-style cups as when we were in Spain all the little cafes used them there and I couldn't wait to drink some smoothies out of them.

I also got lots of unscented tea lights as I can't use scented ones due to my rats and one of the apple slicers, finally! The few glass pieces of kitchen ware aren't exactly things I needed but I just love the style of things like that. Especially the big glass tea cup. As for the black bowl,'s black and we all know I love that haha.

What do you think of the things I picked up? Do you have anything on your Ikea wish list at the moment?

Claire x
2 comments on "New in | Ikea."
  1. That bed set is so cute!! And I love the granny-chic look so even if it is a little old fashioned, I think it will still look fab :) The milkshake cups are also really cute! I've just moved house so really want to pop along to Ikea soon - you know, because it's essential when you move house... :)
    Nicole xxx
    Life in Ginger

    1. Haha yay high five for granny-chic! I couldn't agree more, you've just moved so definitely get yourself to Ikea and buy allllll the things :D xxx


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