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Lust list 015 | ASOS.

October 21, 2015

Since I'm always checking out the ASOS website and adding things to my 'save later' page, I thought I'd put together a little wish list.

I honestly couldn't need these pyjamas more. I'm the grumpiest ever if I need to be woken up early haha. Plus the monochrome look should also continue into the bedroom. Having said that, oh look some colourful underwear. I think this red bra is so pretty, I love the crossover detail. They do have it in black too though (I tried to resist adding that one into my favourites).  The Olivia Burton watch is definitely a 'never gonna get it' item but it's just so sweet. I expected her watches to be real leather due to the price tag but ASOS lists it as faux leather - hoping that's true anyway. It's embarrassing just how many watches I have in my favourites at the moment haha. I'm not 100% inclined towards this exact faux leather brown backpack, but I do really want one like it and it's a pretty decent price for something that will be worn time and time again. Lastly, cute black shiny shoes. I can imagine these looking sweet with any little dress and they have that school shoe vibe, ahh nostalgia.

What do you think of these items?

Claire xx
2 comments on "Lust list 015 | ASOS."
  1. Ah, what a beautiful wishlist! I bloody love those pyjamas - although I sort of wish it was just a top (any excuse to wear Mickey Mouse 24/7!). The Olivia Burton is also a beauty. I've daydreamed about having an Olivia Burton watch for so long now, I think it might be one for the Christmas list!


  2. Ooo love the red bralet, so cute


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