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New in | Homeware, H&M, Forever 21.

June 17, 2016

Woahhh, super belated post alert. I actually forgot I had this post sitting in my little list, but anyway these are the things I picked up during my holiday in London. Hope you enjoy!

I got the mugs from an amazing homeware store which I'm sure most people know, called Sass & Belle. Every time I'm in London I can't resist visiting here, it's an absolute haven of cute things at decent prices. The floral pattern mug is now my absolute favourite. I also got the sweetest case for my glasses and a wall hanging.

For someone who was getting sick of florals, I seem to have chosen a lot of floral items haha. I got the dress in Forever 21 and the two tops in H&M. They're both cropped in style and look perfect with high-waisted skirts. I also got the little striped shirt and plain blue one from H&M. The long sleeved white top is from Forever 21, and from Rokit Vintage I got a sweet silky vest top (which is actually a lingerie item but oh well, it looks nice on!). Lastly, how cool is this ring? I first put it on upside down and it was a weapon! Then I realised I'd been wearing it the wrong way, silly silly.

Claire xx
4 comments on "New in | Homeware, H&M, Forever 21."
  1. Those mugs are just the cutest ever! Why must London be so far away? :( And I love the crop tops from H&M, they are so pretty I may need to pop in and have a look! :)
    Nicole xx

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