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TheVeganKind | July box.

July 14, 2016

This month's VeganKind box arrived last week, and oh my was it a good one!

It's probably sad that as a 26 year old, I got most excited when I saw a little mini bag of my favourite vegan cola bottle sweeties. I buy these all the time in Tesco and look forward to trying their cherry ones. I've also now got an obsession with these soy & balsamic vinegar Snapea rice sticks. At first I wasn't sure but now I've been buying bags & bags of them haha. They really remind me of the salt & vinegar Chipstick crisps.

I don't like olives at all so those have been given to my dad. The can of ice tea is still in my fridge as I'd completely forgotten about it, but I am such a massive fan of everything tea so can't wait to try it!

The chocolate, coconut & oat slices are amazing! They taste like a mix between brownie & flapjack, mmm. Even just opening the packet I was in heaven with the smell. I love the cute little size of the raw chocolate bar, and it features goji berries, yummy. Lastly, there was a beautiful raspberry scented soy candle. It smells like creamy sweeties, and also included was a leaflet of all the other (I almost typed flavours) scents that they offer. I want every single one, but the jaffa cakes one is high up on my list!

Bonus rattie photo! What do you think of the items in this box?

Claire xx
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