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Edinburgh vegan festival goodies.

August 26, 2016

Last Sunday my sister & I decided to pop along to the Edinburgh vegan festival in town. It was on both days over the weekend but we figured it might be slightly quieter on the Sunday. It took place in a lovely hotel and there were so many yummy food options! Also by the time we got there some things had been reduced so it was even better.

I came away with two mashed potato & haggis pies (I heated them up at home and had them with some gravy, oh my), a chocolate cupcake from Missy's vegan cupcakes, two marshmallow popsicles and a delicious salted caramel donut. At the venue we also got hot dogs and gelato, everything was just so damn good, I only wish it was on more than once a year haha.

Claire xx
4 comments on "Edinburgh vegan festival goodies."
  1. Food related festivals are always my favourite (obviously, haha) and this one sounds really great. The salted caramel donut looks so damn good...

    1. Yesss it's like being in heaven and you just want to buy everything haha! It was insanely good :)

  2. The festival was wonderful, wasn't it?! We went on the Saturday and it was super busy! I definitely wish it was a monthly thing instead of an annual thing, at least we have the Leith market to see us through until next year - I need to get another one of those salted caramel donuts soon! :) It would have been good to see you again, it's a shame we went on different days! :( xxx

  3. Oh yummy. As I am kind of depressed these days, I just eat and cannot stop.
    This post made me buy something in the morning.
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